Welcome to Precious Learners World

The Precious Gift of Funtastic Learning

Dear Parent,

Greetings and a Warm Welcome for choosing Precious Learners World.

We here at Precious Learners World focus on providing high quality care, safe learning and playing environment which enables your child to explore, imagine and enhance their potential. These creative and innovative little precious ones are the future leaders of our planet.

That is why we here have chosen the IPC International Preschool Curriculum well known globally, adopted by a diversity of schools across diverse cultures which brings and executes the Wholistic child development philosophy.

We are located right in the City very accessible by BTS Bang Chak Station, Expressway, Main Sukhumvit Road with connectivity to various shopping malls and places of interest. We wish you and your child an experience which is funtastic, fantastic, imaginative, sensory and colorful.

Best Regards,
Precious Learners Management

Why Are we Different

Our Difference

Children have boundless potential, and through providing children with an engaging, caring, safe, green and positive academic environment, we can help the students learn, develop and have fun in these crucial early stages of life.

Our pride is in the ability of our students and the way in which they face challenges with enthusiasm and vigor. We teach them about the importance of self-expression, confidence and socializing. Our Educational Philosophy is of the upmost importance to us and provides a foundation for all of the activities we engage in with the children.

We prefer holistic, structured, teacher-lead exploration. We strive to achieve a careful balance between teacher directed tasks, which allow the students to explore their surroundings and learn about things in a exploratory and meaningful way, and child initiated learning.