How Can the IPC help in your Country?

The IPC works closely with governmental agencies and departments to ensure that its curricula materials are in compliance with local standard requirements. The IPC has published alignment documents that demonstrate compliance or standard superiority to the following national systems: United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Several linguistic and localized adaptions have been published to conform to local requirements in other countries. The IPC provides consultancy to governments, intergovernmental agencies and NGOs on a range of early childhood education (ECE) needs, including:
• The development of a state or national ECE framework
• Curriculum drafting
• Localized or international research compilation
• Technology and Software
• Procurement
• Assessment and Audits

For more information on how your agency or government can work with the world’s leading international ECE organization, please email the Executive Director of the IPC, Peter de or call 1-888-844-3911

The Government was thrilled at the quality of childhood education that you will be offering through your curriculum..."
- UAE Ministry of Social Affairs