Exploration through Imagination

Exploration through Imagination

Welcome to Precious Learners World

Let your Precious Ones Explore the Funtastic, Colorful & Vibrant World of 'Precious Learners World'. It's truly a treat to your child as we focus on a Play and Learn Philosophy, where your child can explore, get creative, enjoy, make new friends and learn. With the world of crafts, colors, books, play areas and activities facilitated by experienced educators and caretakers the child is going to embark on his/her beautiful individual development journey. We are accredited and follow the American International Preschool Curriculum. The curriculum is based on proven and peer reviewed concepts that include play, inquiry and objective based learning styles.

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IPC Authorized School

We meet all the high rigor and standards that the IPC sets forth for all their schools.

World Class Facilities

Our facilities were designed with children in mind, from fun to safety. We have made our school a small world for our Precious One’s.

Play N’ Learn

We believe learning should be fun and when learning is fun children's attention span and retention rates increase.

  • Very nice school for my daughter
    Pla Promsuwan
  • Many activities, many class, clean and good place to make friend for pre-school. My niece really love to go to school, so she never cry in the morning and evening. She now can eat and sleep properly. Even though these pre-school is new but i don't have any questioning.
    Chompu Promsuwan
  • My daughter just loving it. They play n learn everyday.
    Dpsh Jn